Acoustic Consultancy Services

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Acoustic measurement, modelling and monitoring expertise

At Acoustica, our team of fully qualified and accredited AMIOA registered acoustic engineers have years of experience in providing expert advice in acoustics.

From providing advice on regulations and legislation to onsite visits to troubleshoot noisy installations, we offer a wide range of consultancy options and often work with other consultants as a team to advise on a project.

We work onsite to provide advice and guidance on Building Regulations Document E and 2005 Noise at Work Regulations, investigate and troubleshoot excessively noisy installations. We also offer extensive survey options, including surveys to measure noise levels as part of a pre-commissioning building handover, impact assessment surveys for Noise Control on Construction sites to BS 5228-1 and surveys to meeting planning applications and consent issues following BS4142.

Using our extensive acoustic experience, we use advanced calculations to predict the impact of a plant room and calculate the required performance of controls needed to meet the specified noise level. Since we are also an acoustic manufacturer, we can also provide detailed quotations to solve specific noise issues – whether from our standard range or bespoke to suit your exact requirements.

Leading the way in Acoustics

Environmental Expertise
  • Regulatory measurements
  • Impact assessments
  • Noise mapping
  • Noise emissions in real time
Assistance & Planning
  • Identifying problems
  • Finding solutions
  • Specification development
  • Supplier support
On-Site Acoustic Expertise
  • Extensive commercial and industrial experience
  • BS 4142 Surveys
  • BS 5228-1 Surveys


Sound Level Meters
Anechoic Chambers
Transmission Suites
Reverberation Rooms
Acoustic Monitoring