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Power Generation & Acoustic Structures

Our depth of knowledge and innovative engineering approach has created enviable organic growth within this area of activity. This success has created a very wide variety of projects from salad farms to Oil rigs and Supermarkets to Merchant Bank offices.

The application of noise control measures and structures can be offered during design & construction or as retro fitted solutions to reduce environmental or workplace noise problems arising from changes to legislation or increased sensitivity of receivers’.

We offer a comprehensive array of environmental monitoring services as well as detailed analysis and design consultancy as well as manufacture installation and maintenance of all types of recommended structure.

We feel that we are uniquely positioned to offer a “one-stop” shop service as we manufacture all our own product solutions within our advanced manufacturing facilities, this combined with professional project management expertise and acoustic consultancy services result in a co-ordinated packaged service.

Our Products

The solutions we employ to address noise control using acoustic structures are varied, project specific and can include:

Acoustic Louvres

Non-Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvre Screens

Acoustic Enclosures

Recording Studios

Stack Silencers

Workplace Monitoring

Acoustic Panel Work

Environmental Monitoring

Acoustic Room Surveys

Noise Refuge

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Our Projects

Successful projects that have been completed by our dedicated Power Generation and Acoustic Structures division include:


ASDA Telford

Acoustica was commissioned to undertake the acoustical responsibility of controlling the noise emissions from a set of large store condenser plant. The site constraints meant that the only position that was available for the plant was an area of the superstore that was just meters from adjacent residential neighbours boundary.