Acoustic Support

Acoustic measurement, modelling and monitoring expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled and accredited acoustic engineers who are registered members of MIOA. With extensive experience in the field, we offer expert advice and solutions in acoustics.

Acoustic Problem Solving

From providing advice on regulations and legislation, to onsite troubleshooting and monitoring, Acoustica can offer a wide range of consultancy options to suit your needs.

With accredited members of the Institute of Acoustics on our team, we have the expertise to offer solutions to whatever noise problems you are experiencing.

Guidance & Support

We can offer surveying and guidance for most acoustic regulatory documents, including Building Regulations Document E, BS 5228-1 construction site assessments, BS 4142 environmental impact assessments, 3D noise modelling, and pre-commissioning compliance testing.

Environmental Expertise

Regulatory measurements
Impact assessments
Noise mapping
Noise emissions in real time

Assistance & Planning

Identifying problems
Finding solutions
Specification development
Supplier support

On-Site Acoustic Expertise

Extensive commercial and industrial experience
BS 4142 Surveys
BS 5228-1 Surveys

Uniquely positioned as both a manufacturer and consultancy service, Acoustica can assist you through an entire project – from planning to supply – eliminating the need for multiple parties and cutting down on the time and cost to reach a solution.

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