Our Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have always manufactured our products in house, whether for standard or bespoke applications, leading to a diverse and specialist manufacturing expertise.

Our dedication to quality has led to continuous investments in the latest product design software and production planning systems to manage internal processes.

All components are manufactured in-house using our Fiber Laser, CNC metal folding and metal spinning machines for finer tolerances while not being subject to human error during assembly.

Once we have our design and raw materials, our qualified and vastly experienced welders ensure every product is made to the highest possible standard.

We are dedicated to excellence throughout our operations and activities, with our manufacturing operations managed to ISO9001:2015 quality standards.

Engineering Capabilities

We understand the importance of accuracy while designing acoustic solutions.

That’s why we use the latest design software and techniques with our fully qualified design engineers to allow us to offer class-leading engineering solutions to many noise control issues.

The use of 3D modelling and Solid Works packages enables us to confidently propose and design systems and products with the quality ‘designed in’.

We employ qualified and experienced specialist engineers to allow us to innovate new solutions as well as offer a full technical and advice service.

Delivery & Installation

We take pride in offering short lead times for our products and providing flexible delivery options. Our commitment is to work closely with you throughout your project, ensuring that we deliver your order precisely when you need it.

Our Vision & Values

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Our Vision & Values


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