Acoustic Enclosures

With more than 30 years of acoustic experience, we can develop and manufacture a quality and high performing solution that is tailored to specific project requirements. 

Unrivalled Acoustic Enclosure Experience

Acoustica has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of such enclosures for a wide range of uses, including combined heat and power projects, engine enclosures, full plant room treatment and enclosures, residential heat pumps, and rooftop plant areas.

Planning & Design Expertise

The design and supply of acoustic enclosures can either be considered as part of the initial planning phases of a project, or retroactively due to changes in the scope of works or environmental noise limits of a site.

Changes in legislation and requirements from local authorities are common drivers for remedial acoustic works and we have extensive experience dealing with councils and the environmental noise standards they use to determine compliance.


Not only do we design and manufacture your acoustic enclosure, we can install it too. We work alongside you to ensure it’s delivered when required and ensure it’s reducing noise levels as required.

Innovative products with quality ‘manufactured in’

We aim to supply products that stand up to the closest scrutiny of our customers and that can convey the enthusiasm that we have in the product and services we provide.

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