R02 Rectangular Silencers

||R02 Rectangular Silencers

R02 Rectangular Silencers

Rectangular Silencers

Duct Mounted Silencers

Available in seven standard lengths R02 Rectangular Duct Mounted Silencers have excellent attenuation properties, achieved with sound absorbing infill splitters, retained in the attenuator casing by a perforated liner.

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Rectangular duct mounted splitter silencers can come in variable dimensions and are “mass customised” to suit the specific balance of airflow volume, resistance, self generated noise and insertion loss required. We can design in 1mm increments without a maximum size, as large units are site assembled. Our automated engineering systems allow us to easily select plenum at entry or exit, circular or rectangular offset spigots, various flange connections or special interfaces.

The resistance to airflow is a function of the face velocity and length. It is not recommended to select the R02 Silencers with a face velocity above certain limits depending on the model without asking advice regarding re-generated self noise. We can advise on the selections and can perform system analysis to ensure the correct unit is specified.


Features & Benefits

  • High performance rectangular duct silencers
  • Seven standard lengths in seven airway patterns
  • Many connection options
  • Cross section dimensions in 1mm increments
  • System pressure within ducted systems to 1500 Pa
  • Special lengths on request


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