Stirling Water – Waste Water Process CHP

Acoustica recognises the importance of offering a complete turnkey service to our customer project challenges. This was demonstrated when we were requested to tender for a bespoke acoustic enclosure system, to help reduce noise produced by large gas-fired engines that provide combined heat and power.

Acoustica design engineers calculated used temperature rise calculations to determine that the enclosed engines would require 15m3/second of forced ventilation, to prevent overheating and subsequent reduction of engine efficiency. The resulting design proposals included complete intake and discharge air systems utilising attenuated and vibration isolated axial fans, with industrial grade ducting, that incorporated filtration system and motorised damper controls.

In addition, the enclosures which measured 9 metres long x 4 metres wide x 3.5 meters high comprised a load bearing roof. Acoustica provided underwritten structural calculations, this was particularly challenging as there was a design requirement for completely removable panel-work walls, which allowed the engines to be removed via a fully isolated track assembly.

The unique aspect of this project was the time constraint imposed on the Acoustica engineering team. From initial enquiry to completed contract, the project took just seven weeks.